Conventional air cooler, which uses ambient air as a cooling medium, expands the heat transfer area by means of finned tubes to enhance heat transfer outside the tube, and removes heat by air temperature rise after the air crosses the finned tube to achieve cooling and heat in the condenser tube. The purpose of the fluid.

At present, air coolers are widely used in many places, besides refineries and petrochemical plants, which are also widely used in some other apparatus or devices such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), coal liquefaction, gas pipelines, thermal power generation, diesel engine power generation, marine engineering, nuclear power engineering as well as municipal waste treatment etc.

The direct air cooling system uses mechanical ventilation to condense the steam exhaust of the steam turbine directly in the finned tube type air condenser. It is mainly composed of a large diameter exhaust pipe, an air condenser, an axial cooling fan and a condensate pump.

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